Our Dance together

A Black suit on naked skin , I stood there waiting for you , under the spotlight , in a black dress.
Your face lights up with happiness when your favourite song comes on.
Lucky me , I got my dance.

In that moment , we were already lustful of love. My hand ran down your dress and I held you by the waist , and you rest your hand on my shoulder , which was yours to cry on anyway.
We danced there , blissfully unaware of the great things we were destined to do and how this Universe would bring us together.
We continued to dance , in the dim light , that almost passed for twilight.

We danced there alone , yet together.
I was to keep you safe and you were to keep me avid.
And as the singer hit the highest note, I pulled you closer , the warm air against my skin , and there we kissed , avid for love.
Hung over desires and craving , we danced as we realized , that as much as favourite songs and dances come to an end , sometimes , somethings last.



Pain of Separation


I loved the pain that I felt , when you held me and hugged me tight.

It was my ecstasy which always had me begging for more, even when it slowly killed me.

Now I hate that emptiness that fills my heart when you’re holding someone else and hugging them tight.

And I stare into the Starry night , standing , crying, wondering where it all changed.




Shard of Glass

People look at my arm and ask,

How I suffered that deep cut.

I look at my arm , and answer ,

A piece of glass scarred me deep.

What they fail to understand is that,

She was the glass.

Delicate and shiny.

A little rough about the edges but very smooth if someone took time to look beyond the surface,

They would realize, she reflects.

She was strong , tough yet, soft and fragile.

She was predictable in her unpredictability.

I tried to polish her , and when I pressed hard, The glass broke and hurt me deep.

I look at my arm again, and say that it’s been a while but it still hurts , yet it doesn’t kill me.




At the Inception of our Always , you were the Angelic Moon , and I , the Lover.

You looked at me, disgusted, as I was a Casanova.

And I looked at you,with love, as you were a Nova.

As you dared to reach out to me, I gladly put my hand out , holding for you.

You came , I embraced you.

We danced , slowly.


You walked away as the last note faded in the background , because I was incoherent and hideous.

I kept calling your name out , obliviously, that you would never turn back.

And now I drown myself in ballads, falling prey to my to my deepest fears of OBLIVION.





To be honest , you had the most dreamy eyes, I had

ever seen. They managed to supress a thousand

thoughts into one word.


That was pure beauty, the plain blackness , and the

little light, in the distance of heaven in your eyes,

which seem to have made a million musicians forget

how to groove, or how a thousand artists forget how

to make art, or how one , me , forget how to breathe.

That was beautiful.

Being unable to breath when I looked into the depth

of your eyes and find light.

It was pure.

It was everlasting.

It slowly killed me.

It was a rose for the Everafter.