Our Dance together

A Black suit on naked skin , I stood there waiting for you , under the spotlight , in a black dress.
Your face lights up with happiness when your favourite song comes on.
Lucky me , I got my dance.

In that moment , we were already lustful of love. My hand ran down your dress and I held you by the waist , and you rest your hand on my shoulder , which was yours to cry on anyway.
We danced there , blissfully unaware of the great things we were destined to do and how this Universe would bring us together.
We continued to dance , in the dim light , that almost passed for twilight.

We danced there alone , yet together.
I was to keep you safe and you were to keep me avid.
And as the singer hit the highest note, I pulled you closer , the warm air against my skin , and there we kissed , avid for love.
Hung over desires and craving , we danced as we realized , that as much as favourite songs and dances come to an end , sometimes , somethings last.



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