Privilege of wrecking me

I’ve died a thousand lives,
I’ve lived a thousand deaths,
To find that girl whose smile is silent silver.
Just so that I’d suffer the Sinful calm, like the oceans do after storms.

She could do that. She was calm, understanding.
Ever since, my short life became a long quest to find her.
I’d found her once, I would do it again.
For her, I could never answer,

How the dark of her eyes, danced with my Angels and,
How the light of her eyes, silenced my demons.

Soon I found her, right where I lost her.
She was the same, she was nothing but the storm that wrecked me, and in that moment,
I realized I ha been naïve, and stupid.
Oh! how she wrecked me, and how oblivious of me to let her.

So, I looked into her eyes as the sun kissed the horizon, and denied her the privilege to wreck me more.

That’s how I knew I’m over loving her and that I was better off without her.